Saturday, January 1, 2011

JAN 28-Adultery


D irty
U ncontrollable
L ust
T ormenting
E very good
R elationship, a
Y euk [ yook] ( scot v.i. itch. n.itching sensation)

A dirty
U nsupportable
L ust
T rivializing
E very
R elationship into a
Y euk

A void
T hose
T errible
I ndividuals
T rivializing
U niversally held
D ear
E xchanges of relationship

A bhor
T o even
T hink of
I diotic
T rivial
U seless
D alliance and
E ntertainment of indiscriminate sex

A void
T hose
T hings
I n which
T rue
U seful
D ear
E motions are not there.

A lways
T ake
T hose
I nspiring
T rue
U seful links of
D ear
E motional bonds

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