Saturday, January 1, 2011

JAN 25-Advice


Welcome are those

A ppropriate
D ear
V aluable
I ntrinsically
C aring
E ducating
W ords of wisdom

A ctions
D edications
V isions
I nspirations
S haring
E motionally

Let me take

A nything
T hat
T ries
I mprove my
T alents
U nderstanding
D evelopment and
E mancipation

A void
T hose
T rivial
I nstructions
T endered
U nsolicited
D isturbing the
E motions

A esthetically
D elivered
V aluable
I nspirations and
C aring
E ncouragements

A ny
D uly
V aluable
I nstruction
C ontributing to my
E mancipation

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