Monday, August 29, 2011

AUGUST 30-Greatness


G iving
R esults of
E xcellence,
A chieving
T ough goals
N onchalantly with
E ver enthusiastic
S pirit and Sense.
S ynergizing all with spiritual strengths.

A chieve greatness by
T houghtfully executing
T ough tasks, by
I nspiring with your
T alents, by
U nleashing the
D ivine
E nergy within.

AUGUST 29-Gratitude


G reatest and most
R espected and expected of
A ll virtues.
T he heart’s memory
I nspiring and reciprocating
T hankfully by touching and
U rging the
D eeply felt
E motions to manifest their thankfulness.

A lways
T he habit of
T hanksgiving is to be
I nculcated
T horoughly as an
U nqualified
D uty to be
E xecuted.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

AUGUST -28-Grammar


G ood arts, sciences, games and things
R equire rules based
A pproach for all
M eaningful
M astery of
A ll the nuances and
R esources in that subject.

A ppropriate
T reatment of
T hose
I ntriguing
T erritories of all fields of study
U sually and
D efinitely requires
E veryone to follow and operate on certain set rules

AUGUST 27-Grace


G odly
R esource
A lways
C atering to
E veryone everywhere

A ll good and great
T hings
T urn out in great spirit only when they are
I n
T une with the
U niversal
D ivine
E nergy

Thursday, August 25, 2011

AUGUST 26-Government


G iving and taking,
O ffering and oppressing
V irtually and vitally
E veryone and everything and
R uling and
N eatly ensuring
M eaningfully that
E veryone’s
N eeds are
T aken acre of.

A ll
T ypes of
T reatments based on
I nstitutionalized
T heories of governance
U sually
D o not work but only
E xercise of power either vested or wrested

AUGUST 25-Gossip


G rossly
O bviously
S enseless but
S avory
I nterlocution usually about the
P erson who is absent.

A trocious
T ongues
T alk about others
I ncessantly and
T houghtlessly and
U sually
D erogatorily merely as an
E xercise of the tongue.

AUGUST 24-Goodness


G od
O ffers,
O perates and
D oes everything mostly through
N ice
E mpathetic and
S ensible
S ouls.

A djusting
T olerating and
T aking things as they happen,
I nteracting
T hrough both the heart and mind
U sually
D evelops synergetic
E nergies.

Monday, August 22, 2011

AUGUST 23-Gold


G littering and yellow,
O f all the metals most
L oved for its monetary value and
D early used in decorations.

A ll
T he metals have
T heir own
I mportance but
T he glittering yellow metal has a
U nique value
D earer than
E very other metal.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

AUGUST 22-Goals


G earing up
O f all energies towards a specific
A im along with proper plan either
L ong term or
S hort term.

A t first set
T he target
T hen plan and prepare
I n detail,
T hen proceed
U ntil the
D estined target is
E xecuted well, as planned.

AUGUST 21-Gluttony


G ustatory
L ove with
U nlimited
T emptation
T urning
O ne to eat
N onstop all
Y ummy foods.

A ny food however
T asty,
T empting and
I rresistible,
T ake it in moderate quantities.
U nnecessarily
D o not
E at yourself into disease or discomfort.

Friday, August 19, 2011

AUGUST 20-Glory


G etting
L aurels and
O thers’
R espect reveals
Y our greatness and goodness.

A dminister accolades,
T he motivating
T alk and
I nspiration and then see how
T hey turn even
U seless
D unces to
E merge with enhanced performances.

AUGUST 19-Glamour


G orgeously
L avishly
A dorned attire and
M agnificent
O rnamentation
U sually
R endered for attraction.

A ttraction
T ackles well than
T alent many
I mportant issues and
T acitly manages to get
U nasked for the
D esired
E ffect, so, get glamorous there is nothing wrong in it.

AUGUST 18-G iving

G iving

G aining
I s in fact a
V icious circle
I nvolving
N othing but
G iving

A lways
T ry
T o give generously.
I n fact in
T imes of your need
U nexpected
D ividends will
E merge automatically

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AUGUST 17-Girls


G od’s
I nstrument to
R eveal
L ove and
S oftness

A ll human beings have to
T hank god for
T hose lovely
I mportant teachers of
T ogetherness through feminine splendor, the
U nforgettable manifestations of girls,
D efining and deepening our lives
E ither as mother, sister, wife or daughter.

Monday, August 15, 2011

AUGUST 16-Gifts


G oods
I mbued with
F riendly
T houghts and
S pirits

A ny
T hought or
T rue
I nner feeling for another person must be
T houghtfully communicated
U sually with some
D efinite
E xpression that is also appealing to the other.

AUGUST 15-Genius


G od given gift
E merging
N aturally with
I ntensity,
U nderstanding perfectly and
S ynergizing well with supreme energy.

A lways
T ry to
T ake out the
I nner talents, for,
T here lurks your genius, the
U nlimited
D ivine
E nergies

AUGUST 14-Genetics


G enerally
E very trait both
N egative and positive
E volves
T hrough
I nheritance as per laws of
C reation
S cientifically

A ll
T raits and characteristics are
T aken from ancestors
I nitially
T hen afterwards in addition we must also
U nderstand and learn further and
D evelop and gain
E nlightenment through experience and education.

AUGUST 13-Generosity

Generosity is

G iving without
E xpectation;
N oticing others’ needs and doing
E verything possible to fulfill them;
R esorting to
O ffer help unasked for;
S erving and doing service without being
I nsisted upon to do so;
T reating others as
Y ou would wish them to treat you.

A lways
T ry to share liberally all
T hat you have with every
I ndividual
T ruth is manifest in everything and everyone is
U ltimately the product of one
D ivine
E nergy in multiple manifestations.

AUGUST 12- Generations


G athered sentiments,
E nlightenments and
N ice
E xperiences,
R ecorded
A nd allotted a
T ime frame
I ndicating specific traits and
O verall behavior patterns
N otionally understood as a
S eparate unit.

A ge,
T he time based measurement of life
T races and takes us to certain
I mprints of periodic
T raits and characteristics
U nique to a whole socio cultural milieu
D istinguishing and differentiating it from
E arlier periods and the ensuing ones.

AUGUST 11-Gender


G enuine classifications and variations
E xist due to exigencies of
N ature, but nurturing
D ifferences to
E nhance or exclude any category
R equires to be stopped.

A ll differences and variations
T ruly and obviously exist in nature.
T rying to deny or defy them is
I ndifference or ignorance or innocence. But,
T urning them into tools of social discrimination is
U njustifiable and an unpardonable offence.
D o not abuse or misuse naturally
E xisting developments and differences.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

AUGUST 10-Garden


G od given
A dmirable
R esource
D ecorating
E arth with its
N ice variety of organisms.

A garden
T horoughly developed with
T otal
I nterest and involvement is a
T antalizing and an
U ndoubtedly
D elightful
E xperience.

AUGUST 9-Games


G reat amusement with rules
A imed as
M eaningful physical
E xercise as well as mental
S atisfaction.

A ll
T ypes of amusements
T hrough games
I nvoluntarily
T ickles some
U ndisclosed
D eep rooted
E motion in all of us.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

AUGUST 8-Gambling


G ame so universally
A ppealing and appetizing that
M oney is spent,
B etting is done unmindful of whether
L osing or winning
I t is such an irresistible pleasure
N othing can stop it, we only
G o for more of it.

A ny particular
T hing
T hat gives
I rresistible pleasure
T o everyone
U niversally cannot be
D efinitely
E vil, but has some significant role in the scheme of things



F ar away, whatever be your plans, in
U nexplored and yet to be experienced
T imes, whatever be the predictions,
U nknown and unspecified
R ests
E verything in suspense.

A ll
T imes are
T o be cherished properly
I n terms of their importance and in
T rue perspective from the
U nknown and un experienced past to
D efinite present to
E xpected future.

AUGUST 6-Frustration


F ailure in something
R esulting in and manifesting
U npleasant
S ymptoms,
T iring and
R etarding
A ll
T he
I nevitable
O perations that
N eed to be carried on.

A ny amount of frustration or
T hrowing
T antrums cannot replace
I ntrospection
T o better
U nderstand any adverse
D evelopment and
E volve remedial measures.