Saturday, January 1, 2011



B est of
E verything is
A vailable to
U nceasingly
T reat
Y ou

B eauty
E verywhere is
U nsettling
T empting and
Y earning

B eauty
E nthuses
A ll
U nmindful of
T erritory or
Y earning

B ewitching
E xcellent
A dmirable
U navoidably
T empting and
Y ummy

B est
E ver
A ssociation
U nleashing
T rue
Y en

A t
T imes
T emptation
I nspire
T o
U nravel
D eeper
E motions

A dmire
T ruly
T he
I rresistible
T empting
U nparalleled
D elights of
E xcellence

A t
T imes beauty
T empts
I nnocently
T he
U nsuspecting into the
D oors of
E xcess

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