Saturday, January 1, 2011

FEB 4-Ancestry


A t times
N ice and
C onvenient to
E scape to
S afety in
T he
R ecesses of
Y our forefathers

A ll past
N iceties
C annot
E scape
S crutiny
T hrough
R ecent
Y ears of actions

A ll
N ice
C reations are
E xtensions in
S omeway
T o
R emote past
Y ears of some association.

A lways
T hink of
T he
I nevitable
T ies of
U mbilical cords
D ivinely
E xtended for your prenatal s
S urvival.

A ll
T he
T ime tested
I nstitutions
T ucked not
U nder glories of

D istant past to
E volve.

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