Saturday, January 1, 2011



A ll
C reator’s
T alents
I n you
O ffered
N ot for
S loth

A cknowledge
C reator’s
T alents
I n you by
O ffering
N ice
S ervice

A ctive
T ireless
T rue
I nvolved
T asks
U ndoubtedly
D eliver
E verything

A ction
T urns
T alents
I n us
T o
U nite in a
D ivine
E xchange

No activity is a waste you gain something out of every action either expertise, experience, profit, contact or at least clarity Connate[inherent] creativity, enthusiastic endeavours, vigorous vitality and venerable visions all these fructify only through the mission of continuous, consistent and correct actionsThere is no such thing as a wasted step when your final destination is SELF-TRANSFORMATION

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