Thursday, June 30, 2011

JULY 1-Failure


F irst of
A ll the
I mportant
L aws of the
U niverse is to
R emain
Equipoise and raise energetic

F ear not
A ny
I mpediment.
L ingers
U nderneath are
R esources to
E merge victorious.

A ny
T rue
T ask
I nvolves
T rials and
U nsettling
D evelopments to test the
E ternal resolve to perform well.

JUNE 30-Fact


F or
A ll who
C are for
T ruth interpretations and opinions must be chaffed


F irmly
A s it is
C andidly
T old thing.

A lways
T ake
T he
I nevitable
T rue
U tterances to
D ecide
E verything avoiding opinions, interpretations, criticisms and social acceptances.

A void opinions
T urn away criticisms
T ake away
I nterpretations
T ake in
U ltimately and only facts to
D eal with
E verything and everyone

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

JUNE 29-Eyes


E xpresses
Y our inner feelings to
E xternal world
S ubtly but surely.

A natomy
T ries
T o convey to outer world the
I nner feelings in
T housands of ways but
U ndoubtedly the best of them all,
D iscernible easily to everyone is the
E xpression of the eyes
When with your eyes you just SEE
I know it is an expression of your concern for me;
When with your eyes you give me serious STARE
I know it is an expression of your care;
When with your eyes you merely GLANCE
I know, with your continued stare you don't want to put me in a trance
When with your eyes you pierce into me and LOOK
I know it stimulates the stuff above my neck;
When with your eyes you ESPY (to discern something obscure)
I know to come near you I must try;
When with your eyes you Descry (to discern something obscure)
I know ,in it, with you, only a few can vye;
When with your eyes you LEER (to look slyly)
I know, unconsciously, my attention it does veer;
When with your eyes you emotionally GAZE (look fixedly)
I know it penetrates my heart deeper than x-rays;
When with your eyes you PEEK (to glance furtively)
I know it is involvement and anxiety at its peak;
When with your eyes you just PEEP
I know it brings out the feelings that are deep;
When with your eyes you just GLIMPSE
I know all my worries it trims;
When with your eyes you carefully WATCH
I know about my security I need not worry much;
When with your eyes you carefully GANDER (look purposefully)
I know it is to remind memory's pleasant calendar;
When with your eyes you SQUINT
I know I must take the hint;
When with your eyes you are BLINKING
I know it involves deep thinking;
When with your eyes you widen your VIEW
I know my heart is going to melt like the early morning dew
When with the eyes of the mind, if we see, it is only from under the eyebrows
I know, and of course, you too know, come forth the Cupid's arrows.

JUNE 28- Evil


E very
V ice
I n fact
L eads to loss of something.

A void
T ime and again all
T ypes of
I ncorrigible individuals,
T houghts and things.
U nfair and useless
D eeds of
E vil

Evil once entertained lives for ever , for, evil spelt backwards is live.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

JUNE 27-Etiquette


E xpected excellence in
T emperament and
I nteraction
Q uiet clearly
U nderstood as
E ssential and eloquent
T rade off
T owards
E ach other executed exquisitely

A ware and be sensitively alert
T o others’ feelings and admire
T heir social behavior
I ncreasing
T hrough gentle manners and
U nderstanding to open the
D oors for smooth
E xchange, experience and education

Saturday, June 25, 2011

JUNE 26-Eternity


E verlasting
T imeless
E nterprise of life will be
R evealed
N icely
I n the journeys to inner self
T hat
Y ou take.

A cquire the ability
T o see
T he splendor of
I nfinity that
T ouches, vibrates and
U niquely unites and unravels in every
D eed and development and feel the manifestation of
E ternity embedded everywhere and in everything.

Friday, June 24, 2011

JUNE 25-Equality


E very time you
Q uestion and try to undo the
U niqueness of things and persons
A nswer deludes because
L ife manifests
I ntrinsically
T he varieties and uniqueness whether
Y ou like or dislike, want or do not want it.

A void
T rying
T o tame variety or
I ncorporate homogeneity.
T he laws of nature are
U niqueness, variety and
D ifferences and all are to be
E njoyed equally and wisely.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

JUNE 24- Envy


E very one is
N ot
V ying with
Y ou

E xcellence
N udges its way ahead in
V arious ways unmindful of
Y ou and your yardsticks.

A dmire or at least
T ry
T o
I mitate if you cannot emulate or excel but
T ake away the
U seless
D eceitful
E nvy

JUNE 23- Enthusiasm


E verything
N udges
T o unimaginable
H eights only through
U nbridled and unplanned
S pells of
I nspirational leaps and
A ccomplished
S wiftly as manifestation of
M arvels

A chievements
T ake off mostly from and
T hrough
I nspirational
T racks
U nleashing
D ear
E nthusiasm

JUNE 22 -Enlightenment


E verywhere and towards everyone, being
N ice and neutral,
L oving and letting go,
I nspiring,
G enerous and giving up, being
H onest and humble,
T aking things as they are,
E ncouraging everyone,
N onchalantly and
M aking the most of
E veryone’s energy fields and
N icely taking along everyone
T owards truth

A ccept
T hings as
T hey are and
I ndividuals
T oo as they are but give
U nqualified love and
D eep
E mpathy

Monday, June 20, 2011

JUNE 21- Enjoyment


E very
N ew moment of life
J oy must be
O ur
Y earning and
M irth the important ingredient in
E very
N ew
T urn of life.

A ctivities of the mind
T he exercises of the body
T ogether with
I nner spirit when
T ruly
U nited
D elivers only
E njoyment.

JUNE 20-Engineering


E volving a
N ice
G em of an
I nteresting
N etwork
E mbedding almost
E very discipline in science
R epresenting, revealing and reorganizing
I mportant
N uances for optimum resource utilization and
G rowth

A bilities and aspirations,
T alents and techniques when
T eam up together with
I nterest and
T ake up something, then, logically only
U tility and
D evelopment
E nsue as an engineering marvel.

JUNE 19-Enemy


E arth’s
N icest
E nterprise to
M ake you know
Y our faults better.

A nimosity
T oo has its
T acit
I nvisible
T ask of
U nraveling
D eeply held emotions
E manating from the adrenal

Friday, June 17, 2011

JUNE 18 -Endurance


E veryone’s
N ecessary
D uty it is to
U nderstand the
R equirement of
A dopting and adjusting
N icely to every
C ircumstance and
E veryone else.

A dopt
T o every situation
T ry not to be
I ntolerant
T o all
U ncontrollable and unavoidable
D evelopments and deeds
E ndurance is the essence of life

Thursday, June 16, 2011

JUNE 17-Encouragement


E verywhere and at all times
N icely
C ommunicate
O ffer help
U ndertake to
R eassure others
A dmire
G oad to go ahead
E ducate
M otivate
E nthuse and give a
N od to
T ake off

A id with
T hought provoking
T alk
I nspire with
T hose words of
U ndiluted forceful
D riving
E ncouragement

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

JUNE 16-Empowerment


E ducate everyone without
M anipulating,
P romote everyone without
O verbearing attitude,
W iden the prospects of everyone without
Expecting anything in return,
R eplenish the resources to everyone without
M aking them dependent,
E ncourage everyone without
N egligence and help all of
T hem to move ahead on their own.

A ccommodate all and
T ruly take everyone along
T alk to them and
I nitiate
T hem to think they too can perform and
U proot all inhibitions,
D evelop committed relationships and
E ncourage education for all and ensure empowerment

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

JUNE 15-Emotions


E nhancing life’s
M oments into memorable ones by
O ffering
T hrough heart felt
I nner
O perations and encapsulating them into
N ever forgettable
S entiments.

A lways nurture
T rue relationships and
T horough commitments
I nspired by
T he heart felt
U nderstanding and
D eep rooted
E motional acceptance

Monday, June 13, 2011

JUNE 14-Eloquence


E xpressing in elevated
L anguage or logic
O perated to
Q uicken
U nderstanding and
E ngage
N icely in
C reative and conducive
E xchange

A esthetically handled
T erminology
T antalizes,
I nspires
T houghts and
U shers in effectively the
D eep rooted
E xchanges and interactions.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

JUNE 13-Efficiency


E very
F orm of
F unction,
I n principle,
C arried on
I ntelligently and
E xecuted
N icely
C learly indicates
Y our efficiency

A lways
T ry
T o do things right
I f not
T ry to do the right things
U ltimately that will
D evelop into
E fficiency

Saturday, June 11, 2011

JUNE 12-Effectiveness


E very planned and
F aithfully executed
F unction
E volves and
C arries on with the
T argets and produces the
I mportant
V aluable
E ffect
N ecessary to
E ncourage and
S timulate the
S enses

A ttempts
T houghts
T alks
I deas all
T urn
U seful only when
D esired
E ffect is produced.

JUNE 11-Effect


E ither you effect and
F orm your circumstances or you are
F ormed as the
E ffect of the circumstances and the
C hoice reveals your
T alent.

A ttention to all
T he details with
T otal intensity and
I ntense totality
T urns out to be
U seful and
D elivers the desired
E ffect

Friday, June 10, 2011

JUNE 10-Education


E xperiencing and
D rawing from within and
U niting
C reatively
A ll your faculties
T owards
I nteracting effectively with the
O uter world to enter
N ew and nice dimensions of life.

A ll intellectual perceptions,
T hought processes,
T alks of sense and
I nnate
T alents
U nravel only in the
D eep areas of life’s
E xperience – the best school of education.

JUNE 9-Ego

Ego in its various manifestations

E dging
G od
O ut

A m I
T he only
T otally
I ndependent
T rue
L ife force
D riven
E xclusive of everyone and everything else.

E nlightenment
G oes
O ut

A m I
T he
Te rrible
I ndividual
T o
U nashamedly leave the
D ivine
E nterprise

E xchanges
G enial
O perations

E xcellent
G rowth
O ffered when opposing perspectives and our potential meet with super Ego

A ll
T rue potential
T ravels
I nwards
T hen
U nto
D ivine
E nergy as ego merges with super ego.

JUNE 8-Ecstasy


E njoyment and
C arefree
S ense of
T aking pleasure and
A lways
S avoring
Y ummy things in life.

A lways
T ry to
T ake things easily and
I nwardly and outwardly
T hrow away
U nhappiness and allow undiluted
D elight and
E njoyment

JUNE 7-Economics


E volved and socially conscious
C ivilized societies’ carefully
O rchestrated
N onchalant nice national
O peration based on
M ultiple decisions and monetary policies,
I nvestments and income distribution,
C reation of various options and opportunities for living and
S avings and spending methods.

A ll types of
T houghtfully worked out
T heories have to
I ntegrate with
T otally and truly practical,
U seful and unbiased
D evelopment of
E veryone and every sphere of activity.

JUNE 6-Eccentricity


E nthusiastic,
C urt and crisp
C ommunication or action
E merging and
N ullifying
T raditionally
R eceived, accepted and
I ncluded
C oncepts and their
I mportance and
T aking
Y ou by surprise.

A llow accepted methods as well as
T houghts and
T hings that are new but
I nspiring
T he soul and helping in
U nderstanding
D ifferently and
E valuating originally.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

JUNE 5-Earth


E nvironment is a part of you
A s much as you are a part of it. So
R espect the right of everything on earth
T o exists and enjoy. Humanity alone
H as no exclusive right on earth.

A ll things
T aken
T ogether
I n
T rue spirit is
U nited by a
D eep underlying
E volutionary principle.

JUNE 4-Duty


D oing
U seful
T hings to others and to
Y ourself.

A ll
T hings done at appropriate
T ime
I nvolving
T rue
U sefulness to all is
D uty par
E xcellence

Thursday, June 2, 2011

JUNE 3 -Drugs


D estructive device
R esorted to by the
U nsuspecting and unstoppable, both
G iving in due to
S usceptibility to stimulants.

A ny
T hought is not created, nor
T rouble becomes
I nvisible by
T he consumption of stimulants but
U nderstand that all are manifestations of
D eeply
E mbedded emotions, experiences, energies and learning.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

JUNE 2- Dream


D elicious
R evelations
E mbedded inside us and which
A ll our
M inds’ eyes can visualize

A llow unthinkable
T houghts, unknown
T erritories, wild
I maginations and
T erm less mysteries to
U nravel in
D reams to
E njoy, encourage and experience.