Saturday, September 10, 2011

SEPTEMBER 11-Internet


I mmensely useful and

N icely and easily connects people;

T he greatest

E ver

R eference manual that enables

N exus between all

E ducated people and

T akes you into a world of wonder and wisdom.

A lmost all

T he activities,

T echnological advancements and

I ntellectual exchanges

T ake immense benefit from this and in terms of

U tility and user friendliness to human race this

D iscovery surpasses

E very other scientific discovery.

SEPTEMBER 10-Intelligence


I mportant

N onlinear

T hinking is

E volution’s best

L earning tool to

L aterally and

I nwardly

G ain

E ducation and

N ew and nice perceptions leading to

C reativity and

E nlightenment.

A llow anything

Through only after

Thorough verification by

Intelligent perception and

Thoughtful contemplation and both

United will

Deliver true




Getting away from Our defense and Denial modes, and

Getting Ourselves Deep into the

Gamut Of Description and definition defying

Grand Outputs that Develop beyond all

Given Options Discernible to all the

Great Over-evaluated Delusions of the

Group of Our Dredging which

Gathers, Outpours and Delineates from its studiously

Grown Operations of Dead templates of our various modes of perceptions cannot

Grasp the Omnipresent Divinity the

Grandest Operator and Developer who

Gathers all Our selves and Dwells inside everyone of us as a

Grand manifestation to Open ourselves to Deepen our spiritual evolution.

A ll our

T houghts must

T urn

I nwards

T o

U nderstand and unravel the

D ivine

E nlightenment .

Thursday, September 8, 2011


H eart and head
A ccommodating and
R eciprocally balancing the
M anifestation
O f the
N atural you and nurtured
Y ou with the outer world.

A ccepting and adjusting
T o the
T hings happening outside with
I nner self
T otally
U nites and
D evelops into a
E ndearing harmony of being.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



H arboring
A nimosity
R ears
M alignity

A void animosity,
T ry
T o take everyone
I nstead into
T hy fold and
U ndo all
D estructive
E ndeavors

SEPTEMBER 6-Happiness


H eartfelt harmony
A ll around with everyone and
P eace within oneself
P roduce
I n the inner self
N ice
E njoyment and
S ense of
S uperb feeling.

A llow all
T houghts that
T rigger
I nterest, imagination and inspire
T o
U nleash and
D eliver
E njoyment



H alf of
A ll your
B eing
I s
T hrough
S crupulously pursued practice.

A dmit
T hose traits and
T endencies that
I nspire positive
T houghts and developments but
U proot those that
D estroy your
E mancipation into a better person.