Saturday, September 10, 2011

SEPTEMBER 11-Internet


I mmensely useful and

N icely and easily connects people;

T he greatest

E ver

R eference manual that enables

N exus between all

E ducated people and

T akes you into a world of wonder and wisdom.

A lmost all

T he activities,

T echnological advancements and

I ntellectual exchanges

T ake immense benefit from this and in terms of

U tility and user friendliness to human race this

D iscovery surpasses

E very other scientific discovery.

SEPTEMBER 10-Intelligence


I mportant

N onlinear

T hinking is

E volution’s best

L earning tool to

L aterally and

I nwardly

G ain

E ducation and

N ew and nice perceptions leading to

C reativity and

E nlightenment.

A llow anything

Through only after

Thorough verification by

Intelligent perception and

Thoughtful contemplation and both

United will

Deliver true




Getting away from Our defense and Denial modes, and

Getting Ourselves Deep into the

Gamut Of Description and definition defying

Grand Outputs that Develop beyond all

Given Options Discernible to all the

Great Over-evaluated Delusions of the

Group of Our Dredging which

Gathers, Outpours and Delineates from its studiously

Grown Operations of Dead templates of our various modes of perceptions cannot

Grasp the Omnipresent Divinity the

Grandest Operator and Developer who

Gathers all Our selves and Dwells inside everyone of us as a

Grand manifestation to Open ourselves to Deepen our spiritual evolution.

A ll our

T houghts must

T urn

I nwards

T o

U nderstand and unravel the

D ivine

E nlightenment .

Thursday, September 8, 2011


H eart and head
A ccommodating and
R eciprocally balancing the
M anifestation
O f the
N atural you and nurtured
Y ou with the outer world.

A ccepting and adjusting
T o the
T hings happening outside with
I nner self
T otally
U nites and
D evelops into a
E ndearing harmony of being.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011



H arboring
A nimosity
R ears
M alignity

A void animosity,
T ry
T o take everyone
I nstead into
T hy fold and
U ndo all
D estructive
E ndeavors

SEPTEMBER 6-Happiness


H eartfelt harmony
A ll around with everyone and
P eace within oneself
P roduce
I n the inner self
N ice
E njoyment and
S ense of
S uperb feeling.

A llow all
T houghts that
T rigger
I nterest, imagination and inspire
T o
U nleash and
D eliver
E njoyment



H alf of
A ll your
B eing
I s
T hrough
S crupulously pursued practice.

A dmit
T hose traits and
T endencies that
I nspire positive
T houghts and developments but
U proot those that
D estroy your
E mancipation into a better person.



G rueling and
U psetting constant
I rritation
L ingering
T o trouble the consciousness.

A t all times anyone may escape punishment but
T roubles are always
T riggered to
I nner consciousness by
T hose
U nscrupulous
D eeds
E verywhere every now and then.

SEPTEMBER 3-Guidance

G reat
U seful
I ndirect way of leading others and
D irecting them without
A dvice or
N agging but
C aring
E ncouragement to make them do what is best.

A lways let others
T ravel
T heir
I ndividual and independent way by
T actfully,
U sefully, but
D iscreetly directing them and
E ncouraging them to take the best routes.

Friday, September 2, 2011



G reat
U nspecified
E ntrants into your territory and
S urely and royally
T esting you.

A lways
T ry to
T reat every
I ndividual guest as
T hough he is the most
U seful person and it is your
D uty to
E ntertain him/her well.



G iving beyond your talents,
R eaching beyond your skills,
O perating beyond others’ expectations and
W orking beyond your mastery, all
T hese truly take you to greater
H eights

A lways try to
T oil beyond your talents,
T ake on anything with sincerity,
I nspire with your
T rue skills and mastery,
U nleash through all out efforts, then,
D evelopment and growth will
E nsue automatically and very effectively.

AUGUST 31-Greed


G igantic
R equirements and
E verlasting needs
E ver present and never
D windle in quantities.

A ll of us must
T ake care,
T hat in the long run
I nfinitely trying to
T ake away and use up everything is
U nrealistic and
D rastically
E ndangering to everyone and everything

Monday, August 29, 2011

AUGUST 30-Greatness


G iving
R esults of
E xcellence,
A chieving
T ough goals
N onchalantly with
E ver enthusiastic
S pirit and Sense.
S ynergizing all with spiritual strengths.

A chieve greatness by
T houghtfully executing
T ough tasks, by
I nspiring with your
T alents, by
U nleashing the
D ivine
E nergy within.

AUGUST 29-Gratitude


G reatest and most
R espected and expected of
A ll virtues.
T he heart’s memory
I nspiring and reciprocating
T hankfully by touching and
U rging the
D eeply felt
E motions to manifest their thankfulness.

A lways
T he habit of
T hanksgiving is to be
I nculcated
T horoughly as an
U nqualified
D uty to be
E xecuted.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

AUGUST -28-Grammar


G ood arts, sciences, games and things
R equire rules based
A pproach for all
M eaningful
M astery of
A ll the nuances and
R esources in that subject.

A ppropriate
T reatment of
T hose
I ntriguing
T erritories of all fields of study
U sually and
D efinitely requires
E veryone to follow and operate on certain set rules

AUGUST 27-Grace


G odly
R esource
A lways
C atering to
E veryone everywhere

A ll good and great
T hings
T urn out in great spirit only when they are
I n
T une with the
U niversal
D ivine
E nergy

Thursday, August 25, 2011

AUGUST 26-Government


G iving and taking,
O ffering and oppressing
V irtually and vitally
E veryone and everything and
R uling and
N eatly ensuring
M eaningfully that
E veryone’s
N eeds are
T aken acre of.

A ll
T ypes of
T reatments based on
I nstitutionalized
T heories of governance
U sually
D o not work but only
E xercise of power either vested or wrested

AUGUST 25-Gossip


G rossly
O bviously
S enseless but
S avory
I nterlocution usually about the
P erson who is absent.

A trocious
T ongues
T alk about others
I ncessantly and
T houghtlessly and
U sually
D erogatorily merely as an
E xercise of the tongue.

AUGUST 24-Goodness


G od
O ffers,
O perates and
D oes everything mostly through
N ice
E mpathetic and
S ensible
S ouls.

A djusting
T olerating and
T aking things as they happen,
I nteracting
T hrough both the heart and mind
U sually
D evelops synergetic
E nergies.

Monday, August 22, 2011

AUGUST 23-Gold


G littering and yellow,
O f all the metals most
L oved for its monetary value and
D early used in decorations.

A ll
T he metals have
T heir own
I mportance but
T he glittering yellow metal has a
U nique value
D earer than
E very other metal.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

AUGUST 22-Goals


G earing up
O f all energies towards a specific
A im along with proper plan either
L ong term or
S hort term.

A t first set
T he target
T hen plan and prepare
I n detail,
T hen proceed
U ntil the
D estined target is
E xecuted well, as planned.

AUGUST 21-Gluttony


G ustatory
L ove with
U nlimited
T emptation
T urning
O ne to eat
N onstop all
Y ummy foods.

A ny food however
T asty,
T empting and
I rresistible,
T ake it in moderate quantities.
U nnecessarily
D o not
E at yourself into disease or discomfort.

Friday, August 19, 2011

AUGUST 20-Glory


G etting
L aurels and
O thers’
R espect reveals
Y our greatness and goodness.

A dminister accolades,
T he motivating
T alk and
I nspiration and then see how
T hey turn even
U seless
D unces to
E merge with enhanced performances.

AUGUST 19-Glamour


G orgeously
L avishly
A dorned attire and
M agnificent
O rnamentation
U sually
R endered for attraction.

A ttraction
T ackles well than
T alent many
I mportant issues and
T acitly manages to get
U nasked for the
D esired
E ffect, so, get glamorous there is nothing wrong in it.

AUGUST 18-G iving

G iving

G aining
I s in fact a
V icious circle
I nvolving
N othing but
G iving

A lways
T ry
T o give generously.
I n fact in
T imes of your need
U nexpected
D ividends will
E merge automatically

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AUGUST 17-Girls


G od’s
I nstrument to
R eveal
L ove and
S oftness

A ll human beings have to
T hank god for
T hose lovely
I mportant teachers of
T ogetherness through feminine splendor, the
U nforgettable manifestations of girls,
D efining and deepening our lives
E ither as mother, sister, wife or daughter.

Monday, August 15, 2011

AUGUST 16-Gifts


G oods
I mbued with
F riendly
T houghts and
S pirits

A ny
T hought or
T rue
I nner feeling for another person must be
T houghtfully communicated
U sually with some
D efinite
E xpression that is also appealing to the other.

AUGUST 15-Genius


G od given gift
E merging
N aturally with
I ntensity,
U nderstanding perfectly and
S ynergizing well with supreme energy.

A lways
T ry to
T ake out the
I nner talents, for,
T here lurks your genius, the
U nlimited
D ivine
E nergies

AUGUST 14-Genetics


G enerally
E very trait both
N egative and positive
E volves
T hrough
I nheritance as per laws of
C reation
S cientifically

A ll
T raits and characteristics are
T aken from ancestors
I nitially
T hen afterwards in addition we must also
U nderstand and learn further and
D evelop and gain
E nlightenment through experience and education.

AUGUST 13-Generosity

Generosity is

G iving without
E xpectation;
N oticing others’ needs and doing
E verything possible to fulfill them;
R esorting to
O ffer help unasked for;
S erving and doing service without being
I nsisted upon to do so;
T reating others as
Y ou would wish them to treat you.

A lways
T ry to share liberally all
T hat you have with every
I ndividual
T ruth is manifest in everything and everyone is
U ltimately the product of one
D ivine
E nergy in multiple manifestations.

AUGUST 12- Generations


G athered sentiments,
E nlightenments and
N ice
E xperiences,
R ecorded
A nd allotted a
T ime frame
I ndicating specific traits and
O verall behavior patterns
N otionally understood as a
S eparate unit.

A ge,
T he time based measurement of life
T races and takes us to certain
I mprints of periodic
T raits and characteristics
U nique to a whole socio cultural milieu
D istinguishing and differentiating it from
E arlier periods and the ensuing ones.

AUGUST 11-Gender


G enuine classifications and variations
E xist due to exigencies of
N ature, but nurturing
D ifferences to
E nhance or exclude any category
R equires to be stopped.

A ll differences and variations
T ruly and obviously exist in nature.
T rying to deny or defy them is
I ndifference or ignorance or innocence. But,
T urning them into tools of social discrimination is
U njustifiable and an unpardonable offence.
D o not abuse or misuse naturally
E xisting developments and differences.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

AUGUST 10-Garden


G od given
A dmirable
R esource
D ecorating
E arth with its
N ice variety of organisms.

A garden
T horoughly developed with
T otal
I nterest and involvement is a
T antalizing and an
U ndoubtedly
D elightful
E xperience.

AUGUST 9-Games


G reat amusement with rules
A imed as
M eaningful physical
E xercise as well as mental
S atisfaction.

A ll
T ypes of amusements
T hrough games
I nvoluntarily
T ickles some
U ndisclosed
D eep rooted
E motion in all of us.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

AUGUST 8-Gambling


G ame so universally
A ppealing and appetizing that
M oney is spent,
B etting is done unmindful of whether
L osing or winning
I t is such an irresistible pleasure
N othing can stop it, we only
G o for more of it.

A ny particular
T hing
T hat gives
I rresistible pleasure
T o everyone
U niversally cannot be
D efinitely
E vil, but has some significant role in the scheme of things



F ar away, whatever be your plans, in
U nexplored and yet to be experienced
T imes, whatever be the predictions,
U nknown and unspecified
R ests
E verything in suspense.

A ll
T imes are
T o be cherished properly
I n terms of their importance and in
T rue perspective from the
U nknown and un experienced past to
D efinite present to
E xpected future.

AUGUST 6-Frustration


F ailure in something
R esulting in and manifesting
U npleasant
S ymptoms,
T iring and
R etarding
A ll
T he
I nevitable
O perations that
N eed to be carried on.

A ny amount of frustration or
T hrowing
T antrums cannot replace
I ntrospection
T o better
U nderstand any adverse
D evelopment and
E volve remedial measures.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

AUGUST 5-Frugality


F uture based
R eserving is a
U seful and
G ainful
A sset creation but
L ikely to be
I rritating
T o others though good to
Y ou

A sset creation
T hrough
T hrift
I s a time tested
T ool
U seful to be
D eveloped by
E veryone.

AUGUST 4-Friendship


F aithful worthy firm
R elationship reciprocating,
I nteracting and
E ntangling
N icely and
D early,
S howing and seeking
H elp, and providing a co-participant
I n the internship of
P rovidence

A ctively acquaint, but truly
T ake only certain relationships and
T urn them into life long friendship
I nspiring and indispensable
T o you
U ntil
D eath decides to
E xtricate.

AUGUST 3-Fraud


F racturing and
R endering
A wkward and
U seless any
D eed

A void
T hose
T ricksters
I nsidiously
T urning things for selfish
U se and self centered
D evelopment,
E ject them from every place.

AUGUST 2-Fortune


F avors
O ffered from
R emote
T urn out to be
U seful or
N ot depending on
E xact usage.

A ll of a sudden
T here
T urns out at times
I ncredible
T hings or happenings or favors
U ndoubtedly, manifestations of
D ivine
E nterprise, so use them properly.

AUGUST 1-Forgiveness


F eel for all and first
O f all let us
R ealize that revenge
G ains nothing.
I nstead let us use
V ital
E motional
N icety to
E licit
S ensible and
S ober attitude.

A llow
T he thread of
T houghtful
I f not, at least
T earful feelings to
U nleash unifying,
D eep and dear
E motional exchanges

JULY 31-Forbidding


F ettering
O f anything or
R estraining
B egets more
I nterest than is
D ue or
D eemed fit
I n
N atural course or
G iven situations.

A ll forbidden
T hings
T urn out
I n
T heir own way to
U nfold through
D ifferent means
E ventually

JULY 30-Fools


F utile
O perators
O ften
L eave their
S enses

A ccommodating senseless
T alks
T olerating
I diotic
T heories are all
U navoidable
D esigns in the
E volutionary process.

JULY 29-Food


F inest
O f all the
O ffering from
D ivinity to our body.

F irst
O f all
Our common
D enominator.

A ll
T hings in
T hese worlds are
I mportant in
T heir own way but
U niversally
D efinitely food is the most important of all for
E veryone.

JULY 28-Followers


F ellow
O perators in
L ife
L eading to
O bserve and absorb
E nlightenment,
R eason and
S ense.

A ll
T rue leadership must
T ake along the followers and not merely talk;
I nspire and not merely instruct;
T rust and not merely thrust;
U nderstand and not merely use;
D evelop and not merely drag,
E nlighten everyone and not merely the selected few.

JULY 27-Focus


F irst
O f all
C oncentrate, then,
U ltimately and automatically
S uccess will ensue

A im at a target, then,
T arget your aim, then
T ake
I nwardly
T o chew and churn
U ntil the
D esired output
E merges or evolves

JULY 26-Flowers


F antastic
L ovely
O bjects
W onderfully
E xuding beauty, color and fragrance to
R eveal the
S oul of the creator in nature.

A mong the many attractions in nature only a
T iny part is
T hrust with multiple aspects of attraction
I n order
T o
U niversally
D elight
E veryone

Sunday, July 24, 2011

JULY 25-Flattery


F ixing and
L eading or misleading
A bly with sweet
T alk is a
T actics
E ffectively employed
R epeatedly and
Y et, everyone yield to it.

A void the
T emptation of being
T aken
I nto
T erritories of
U nsolicited
D isproportionate
E ulogy

Saturday, July 23, 2011

JULY 24-Finance


F oremost of all the
I mportant things in life.
N icely
A ffecting and
N onchalantly
C reeping as cash or credit
E verywhere.

A ll types of
T hings
T urn
I mportant in
T erms of the
U ltimate
D oe and
E xchange of finance.

JULY 23-Fight


Fighting happens when you

F orget
I nnumerable options and
G et
H ighly
T ensed up

A ll worked up
T ensions and uncontrolled
T empers
I nvariably lead to
T errible,
U nreasonable and
D estructive
E nterprises.

JULY 22-Fidelity


F aith enhancing character
I mportantly
D evelops
E motional
L ink that is very
I mportant
T o
Y oke life with the rest.

A dherence
T o time tested
T rue values
I nspires
T olerance and
U nderstanding and
D evelops deep rooted
E motional bonds

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

JULY 21-Fiction


F ine
I maginations
C ommunicated
T hrough
I nteresting
O mni attractive
N arrations

A t times
T ruth
T aught through
I magination
T empers our
U nderstanding better than
D idactic expressions and
E mpirical data.

JULY 20-Feelings


F antastic
E motional
E nterprise
L inking
I ndividuals and our inner self
N icely and
G iving proper
S hape to everything.

A llow all actions
T houghts and talks
T o be tempered with
I nner feelings.
T hen,
U nderstanding
D evelops into an
E verlasting emotional odessy.

JULY 19-Fear


F oolish
E motion
A ffecting all
R esourcefulness

A lways attempt
T o throw away
T imidity and instead
I nvite inner strength to
T ear away those
U seless
D elimiting
E motions.

Sunday, July 17, 2011



P resent is the pleasantest and only perfect

R evelation of and representation of the

E luding and ever moving

S equence of

E very

N uances of

T ime as it becomes past or looked upon as future all rolled in one.


A ware of what is happening now and allow

T houghts to consciously focus on present;

T urn not to past to merely relive the past;

I nstead be inspired by instant inner consciousness of

T he moment

U nraveling and

D eal not in future options but delve deep in

E very moment


So, the best way to lead life is to take each day as it comes, and live each day to the fullest.


Here are some very interesting quotes about present moment or now

David Hawkins says “The true source of joy and happiness is the realization of one’s existence in this very moment” These are just a few quotes from the many great teachers past and present. There are hundreds more. There is a common thread running through every spiritual teaching that has ever come into existence…and ever will do. And it is a simple one. The common thread is living in the present moment.
Make use of time, if thou lovest eternity; know yesterday cannot be
recalled, to-morrow cannot be assured: to-day is only thine; which if
thou procrastinate, thou losest; which lost, is lost forever: one
to-day is worth two to-morrows.--QUARLES.
If we stand in the openings of the present moment, with all the length
and breadth of our faculties unselfishly adjusted to what it reveals,
we are in the best condition to receive what God is always ready to
communicate.--T.C. UPHAM. 

To welcome the now is to welcome life itself, for the now is inseparable from life. So don’t make the now into an enemy. Make friends with it. In other words, accept each moment and whatever it contains as if you had chosen it. Immediately, life will begin to work for you, rather than against you. Then watch the miracle of life unfold.- Echart Tolle

Jean Klein said "Living is to be found in the timeless Now"


Saturday, July 16, 2011

JULY 17-Favors


F ortune’s
A bundance
V irtually
O ffering its bounty
R epeatedly to
S ome and never to the rest.

A ttempt
T ry and
T oil
I ncessantly.
T hen,
U ndoubtedly
D ame luck will
E merge.

JULY 16-Fault


F acts about mistakes when
A cknowledged aid our
U nderstanding and when
L eft unnoticed or concealed
T orment us with greater follies.

A cknowledge all
T he faults
T hey are nature’s
I nstruction manual
T eaching to
U nderstand better and
D evelop and enhance
E xperience into wise learning.

JULY 15-Fatigue


F ortunately for our
A natomy
T iredness
I s the indication
G iving green signal to
U nwind, relax and
E nergize the body battery.

A void
T oo much of
T iredness, for, that
I nvites health
T roubles and
U psets even
D ay to day
E nterprises

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

JULY 14-Fate


F actually
A lmighty
T reats
E veryone as per his plan.

A t least learn to accept
T he gifts bestowed
T o you by god
I nvisibly or visibly.
T ake everything as it happens
U nderstand that however much you
D efy, deny or dodge
E verything happens as it should.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

JULY 13- Fashion


F ine
A rt of instigating
S ensitivity to tickle the sensuality;
H iking and
I nviting the
O gling instincts
N onchalantly.

A dmire

T he

T rue beauty

I nnately implanted and also

T he touch ups

U nleashed to

D raw attention and

E nhance beauty further


what is wrong with Fashion parades- how hypocritical we are

There was a time in India when the self appointed cultural police vehemently opposed, especially through the media criticizing and condemning right left and center all genre of beauty contests like fashion shows, cat walks and especially the commercial advantage that the Miss INDIA contests had. It was not in the early 70’s or 80’s but in the late 90’s when the Indian films were actually portraying women as vulgar as possible. So , I found this to be really hypocritical. Therefore I wrote in Eves Touch Adam’s view column at that time. Quote the article as it appeared:-

How hypocritical can we get?!

Is there anything wrong with beauty? Or contests? Or both? Are we sure we object to cynosures? Or are we peeved at the parading of an ectomorphic entourage of long legs and perky breast in see –through dresses, transparent wrap-skirts, and pieces torn asunder sticking on the body like strings of noodles slipped from a fork? Because all these promote the vulgar portrayal of women and increase the pornographic voyeurism of our youth. And we would be right on all these scores to object to a romantic twaddle that passes for culture and spoils the young minds. But haven’t these very things been shown day in and day out in Indian films for decades? In fact , our films abound in all these and much more, from sexpressive clothes to suggestive gestures to uncompromising postures to an enormous amount of veiled vulgarity.

We never object to viewing these films with our children. But we make such a hue and cry about beauty contests, which have nothing to do with vulgarity. In a beauty contest, the judgment is not only on appearances but on many other aspects of the personality. The winner is expected, perhaps, have the face of Venus, the brains of Minerva, the grace of Terpsichore, the memory of Macaulay, the figure of Juno, the voice of Cordelia. She is expected to be a Protean artist, a Triton among minnows, a Dulcinea to all, patient as Griselda and so on. Even if it were a mere test of beauty, what is wrong with it? Beauty may be skin deep, but it is at beauty that our eyes peep, our hearts leap, our memories want to keep, what haunts us in our sleep, so what if it is just skin deep? Once a father told his son, “Remember ,beauty is only skin deep”. The son replied, “deep enough for me, I am not a cannibal”. Our self- proclaimed , moralists will be satisfied if our winners in Miss India contests and Fashion parades declare as a woman once did when asked what gave her such a lovely complexion and what cosmetic she used, “ I use for my lips truth, for my voice prayer, for the eyes pity, for the hands charity, for the figure uprightness and for the heart , love”.

Monday, July 11, 2011

JULY 12- Farmer


F irst
A rtist to
R eveal the
M agnanimity of
E arth and
R eveal its hidden potential

A ny
T erritory
T hat
I ncludes
T he true
U niversal
D evelopers called farmers
E mancipates

JULY 11-Fantasy


F inest of
A ll
N ice
T empting
A lternatives to
S erious reality
Y ou can ever have

A llow to
T antalizing and
T empting
I maginations
T o take you into
U nknown and unrevealed to
D elve deep into and
E njoy the fancies.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

JULY 10-Fanaticism


F undamentally
A damant,
N onchalant and
A ggressive
T eaching or touch
I njected
C leverly
I nto very high
S enseless
M agnitude.

A nything of
T ame or
T errifying,
I n principle
T akes place only in
U nbridled
D rive of mad
E nthusiasm