Tuesday, May 31, 2011

JUNE 1-Doubt


D eeply
O perates, separates,
U nravels and unites.
B eckons inventions and
T ravels towards wisdom.

A ll great
T hinkers and
T rue philosophers
I nitially
T hought
U nbiased and
D oubted vehemently and only thereafter
E merged wise.

MAY 31- Domination


D o not destroy
O pportunities of others,
M utilate
I dentities of others and
N ullify
A ctivities of others
To establish your
I mportance
O ver others, instead,
N icely inspire and cooperate to rise above the rest .

A ny
T ype of
T houghtful
I nspiration boosts identities and
T ones up
U nderstanding and unity, while
D omination
E nfeebles identities.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

MAY 30 -Doctrine


D iligently
O ffered
C lear
T houghts and
R eadymade
I deas to
N icely
E ncounter life’s journey.

A ll proclaimed
T ruths,
T houghts and
I deas
T end to
U nsuspectingly emerge as
D octrinaire capsules to
E ncounter life’s problems and programs.

Friday, May 27, 2011

MAY 29 -Divinity


D eep
I nside, there rests the
V ital force for every
I ndividual life which
N onchalantly and
I nvisibly injects its energy and
T akes care of
Y es, every one of us and everything.

A ll
T hings from
T ime
I mmemorial
T ake place only due to
U niversal
D ivine
E nergy

MAY 28-Destruction


D rastically
E nding and
S eeking to
T erminate,
R uin and render
U seless all
C onstructions and creations
T o
I nstill or incorporate or initiate what?
O bviously
N othing.

A void
T houghts of terror and destruction
T aking things into your hand, and
I nstead
T ry to
U nderstand that
D ivine enterprise has a determined life span for
E very creation.

MAY 27 -Destiny


D ance of the
E ver present and everywhere present
S ource
T empting and testing us with
I ntriguing and inspiring moments of both
N asty and
Y ummy operations.

A chieve all
T asks through
T alents, tactics,
I ntellectual ideas, inspirations and
T houghtful applications. But do not
U se the escape route of blaming
D estiny for the huge heap of all your mistakes
E verything is an interplay of both what is pre-determined and desired.

MAY 26 -Despair


D estiny’s dispiriting
E ver present
S ister for whose
P ain
A ction is the antidote and
I ndomitable spirit the
R esource to recover hope and restart the journey.

A ll
T asks and talents
T ravel through
I nevitably the dark
T unnels of
U nsettling
D esigns of destiny only to
E merge out to resume the journey in brighter light.

MAY 25-Desire


D eeply
E nvisaged
S incerely
I nvited and
R arely
E jected feeling towards someone or something.

A ll things have
T heir positive side and
T he negative side even
I n its atomic level, only
T he fusion with desire of synergetic
U sage gives out the
D esired
E ffects and release energy or it will explode

MAY 24-Depression


D irty
E volution of
P sychological
R eaction
E merging more out of
S ensitivity than
S ense, and
I nability to adapt to the
O bvious
N ew situations

A ll
T ypes of
T olerances turn,
I n moments of
T errific insecurity, into
U nspecified
D evelopment of
E motional imbalances.

MAY 23 -Dependence


D o
E verything
P ossible yourself,
E ngage
N o one else.
D efinitely
E ngage
N o one. Instead
C onsciously
E ndeavour with your self confidence.

A t
T imes
T hough
I t is inevitable
T hat we depend on others to do certain things but
U seful and better it is to
D o
E verything ourselves as for as possible.

MAY 22-Dependence


D o
E verything
P ossible yourself,
E ngage
N o one else.
D efinitely
E ngage
N o one. Instead
C onsciously
E ndeavour with your self confidence.

A t
T imes
T hough
I t is inevitable
T hat we depend on others to do certain things but
U seful and better it is to
D o
E verything ourselves as for as possible.

MAY 21-Defeat

Defeat happens

D ue to
E jection of
F aith and
E nthusiasm and
A llowing self confidence to be replaced by
T imidity

A s is
T he confidence so is
T he capacity to put up
I mpressive performances.
T hink ahead and laterally,
U nderstand better and
D efeat any defeat causing
E motions

MAY 20-Dedication



D oing
E verything in
D epth with
I nvolvement and making
C onscious
A ttempts
T o turn
I nwards and
O perate with
N onchalant passion.

A cquire
T he thoroughness and
T otal
I nvolvement
T o
U biquitously
D eliver
E verything with dedication

Thursday, May 26, 2011

MAY 19-Decision


D evelopment and growth are
E nsured through
S election and
I nclusion
O f certain
N ecessary aspects /things alone and excluding the rest .

A ll
T hings happen
T o those who
I nitiate
T hat
U nique
D ecision making
E ndeavors.

MAY 18-Decency


D oing to
E veryone
C onsciously what you
E xpect them to do to you, in short
N o offense, no harm,
C ourteous behavior and giving
Y our unsolicited help.

A dmirable
T hings and
T houghts are
I nspired
T hrough
U nassumingly manifested
D ecency and get
E mbedded as a natural behaviour.

MAY 17- Deceit


D evelops
E verywhere, sometimes
C onsciously or
E very now and then
I ncidentally but surely it is
T here, so take care.

A llow
T ime to
T ake care of
I nvisible
T hreats and tacit
U nderlying
D eceits, for
E vil designs shall be surely ejected.

MAY 16-Debt


D evice that
E nters in
B ad times to comfort and
T orments afterwards.

A nything
T hing takes
T ime, but
I n times of
T otal desperation
U nlimited
D ebts
E merge. So try to avoid them.

MAY 15- Death


D o whatever you can and
E verything you want, for,
A lways
T here lurks that
H our of departure.

A lways
T ake life moment by moment and
T ry to live every moment
I nstead of
T rying to worry about the
U niversally sure thing called
D eath that happens to
E veryone without any discrimination.

MAY 14- Dating


D ealing in
A morous
T emptations
I nevitably
N eeds to
G et together somewhere.

A ll romance is about
T emptations
T ogetherness
I nspired by
T rials and attempts
U nraveling and using the
D epth of
E motions and entanglement.

MAY 13- Darkness


D esigned to
A ctivate the
R ealm of
K een observation of the
N uances of
E motional
S ensitivity and
S ources of creative activity

A ny amount of light cannot
T race or
T est darkness
I nstead
T ry to
U nfold the mysteries of
D arkness by
E ntering into its calm suspense.

MAY 12-Danger


D evil’s
A ttempt to
N ullify
G reat
E nterprises and
R elaxed life styles.

A ttentively
T ackle
T hings without
I gnorance and
T ry to be
U pbeat,
D aring and
E ver alert.



D ivine
A esthetic
N ice way of
C onveying soul’s
E xpressions.

A dmire aesthetically the
T urns and
T wists
I mbued with
T antalizing
U niversal
D ivine
E xpressions.

MAY 10-Cynic


C onsciously
Y ields to
N egative
I mpact and
C arries on with it

A lter a cynic by
T reating him with
T houghtful
I ntelligent
T olerant
U seful
D eeds
E motionally enticing engagements.

MAY 9-Cunning


C riticizing others,
U ndermining others,
N egatively approaching everything and
N ullifying the
I mportance of
N ormal
G oodness

A void all these lurking suspicions,
T he hidden agenda,
T he simmering discontent,
I nsidious insinuations,
T he secret scheming,
U lterior motives,
D iscovering only other’s faults and
E ntering into behind the screen operations

MAY 9 - Culture


C ollective
U nderstanding with
L ove and lively spirits to
T raditions, trends and tastes
U ltimately revealing and
R epresenting the socio psychological
E nvironment and experience of a group

A pprehend and administer in
T une with
T raditions and trends which
I n principal are the results of
T astes and
U nderstanding of
D eep rooted socio-psychological cultural
E nvironment and experience

MAY 8- Cult


C aters /claims to fulfill
U nfulfilled
L ongings of
T raditional religious institutions and systems.

A ccept
T hat theology and
T he spiritual aspirations of
I ndividuals can
T ake its route
U nmindful of and unassociated with any
D eveloped and
E xisting religious institutions or systems.

MAY 7 -Criticism


C riticism without love
R uins
I nspirations, but
T aking
I n everything without
C riticism
I nevitably
S tops
M aking necessary changes.

C lear
R eviewing and
I nquiry by
T hose
I n no way
C onnected with creation can
I nform us about
S ubtle aspects/ things that
M issed our attention while creating.

A ll creations
T rigger critics who either
T une in with harmony with the creation
I n some cases
T urn on the creation/creators, but
U ltimately the universal
D ivine
E quation shall make the better one to survive.

MAY 6- Crisis


C hallenges that
R eveal the
I nner strength and
S trength of character and
I mpel you to either
S ubmit meekly or advance bravely

A ccept and advance in
T hose times that
T ry your soul.
I n fact they
T est and improve your
U nderstanding abilities, help you to
D iscover who you are and
E nhance your talents, tacts and tolerance.

MAY 5-Crime


C learly a
R otten
I nstitution
M eant to
E xterminate sense and souls.

A ccepting and
T olerating criminal and
T errible acts
I ncreases
T hem, instead try to
U nderstand the underlying cause and
D o
E verything to rectify and stop them.

MAY 4- Creativity


C ulling out of
R esources
E mbedded
A lready
T here in the
I nner self
V ia
I magination and
T hrough
Y our ingenuity

A pprehend and assimilate
T hought processes.
T each and learn from within.
I magine, invent beyond
T ime bound contours and foray into
U nknown territories
D aringly and delve deep into the mystery to
E xperiment and experience the joy of ne

MAY 3-Coward


C haracter
O f the
W eak
A nd
R esponse of the
D ismayed

A ll sorts of
T imidity
T arnishes the
I nner self, so,
T hrow that away and
U ndauntedly
D rive ahead with
E nterprise, energy and enthusiasm

MAY 2- Courtesy


C haracter
O f
U niversal
R eal
T enderness
E nlivening the
S pirits around
Y ou

A lways
T ransact with
T enderness and
I nspire in turn
T he true
U nsolicited
D ear
E xchange of emotions.

MAY 1-Courage


C reations,
O pportunities,
U seful
R elationships
A ll these are happily
G ranted to only those
E mboldened in spirit.

A lways
T ackle any task or
T ough situation and
I nspire
T hrough your
U ndaunted
D aring
E nterprise

APRIL 30-Corruption


C learly
O perates to
R eap benefits to the few
R ender bad feelings to the rest.
U psetting everything and providing pleasure through
P ower, pelf and position is not easy but
T olerating or toeing it is equally
I rresponsible, so
O perate in all possible ways to
N ullify it.

A llow not
T hose who are corrupt and
T hose who try to corrupt you
I nject into both of them
T he truth and
U nderstanding that
D esigning and doing
E vil things never offer guilt free happiness.

APRIL 29-Cooperation


C onnecting
O urselves with all
O thers,
P enetration into another’s heart,
E volution of every organism,
R elationship of every kind,
A ll these require
T ogetherness as main
I ngredient to
O perate
N icely

A lways
T ry with trust and
T ogetherness to
I nspire and
T o get inspired and
U nite with feelings of
D earness with everything and everyone to
E volve.

Participation with passion, trying with trust and togetherness, playing your part to perfection, all these are the ingredients to cooperation.

APRIL 28-Conviction


C reates the spark in everyone
O ffers answers to many things
N egates irrelevant matters
V isualizes victories
I nstigates actions
C onfirms your character
T alks to your
I nner self and
O perates on
N onchalantly

A ll great
T houghts
T ruths that
I nspire our race
T ook off from convictions that
U nleashed
D eeply held values and
E xperiences born out of convictions.

Challenges help you to discover what you are capable of.
Changes help you to discover how you act or react.
Convictions help you to discover what you live for.

APRIL 27- Control


C onsciously
O perating within limits
N ot
T o
R estrict but to
O perate for
L ong and leave a mark.

A void after presetting a limit all
T emptations.
T ake stern measures to
I nject the truth
T hat everything has a limit.
U se and be useful but
D o not let yourself to be used by
E very Tom Dick and Harry

APRIL 26-Contentment


C onsciously
O perate with understanding the
N eed to
T ake
E verything
N icely with
T otal
M agnanimity and
E quanimity but without
N egating and
T ry to improve.

Be content and

A ccept that in life all
T hings happen as
T hey ought to, for,
I ncomprehensible are
T he laws of
U niversal
D istribution of health, wealth and
E verything that matter to life

APRIL 25-Constitution


C reated to
O ffer
N ice
S ociety
T eaming up to
I nteract with
T olerance
U nderstanding and
T o
I mpart equal
O pportunities for all
N ot restricted by any prejudice.

A llow always
T he teaming up by
T oeing the constitutional
I nstitutions
T o operate with
U nity and ensure
D evelopment of
E veryone, and enjoyment of all.

APRIL 24- Consequences


C reeps
O bviously
N onchalantly
S urely
E verywhere and
Q uietly
U shers
E veryone to
N otice the
C ause and
E ffect

A ct as smart as you may want
T hink as intelligent you may wish
T alk as eloquent as you can
I magine as wild as you can
T ry as hard as you can but
U nderstand irrespective of whatever you do one inevitable
D evelopment always
E merges and that is the consequence

APRIL 23- Conscience


C almly
O perating to make you
N ecessarily listen to the
S ilent voice of the soul
C alling for
I ntegrity and
E xposing errors and
N udging to be
C haritable towards
E veryone and everything.

A llow
T his true mirror
T ucked in your
I nner self
T o
U nravel
D eeply
E ntrenched errors.

Your conscience teaches your mind how to "think" your heart how to "feel" your soul how to "obey" and most importantly your body how to "perform" extraordinary "acts" of charity and human kindness toward your fellow man.

Conscience is the voice of the soul; the passions of the body

APRIL 22-Connections


C reation
O perates
N onchalantly through
N exus of
E verything and everyone and
C lever
T hinkers
I ntelligently integrate
O n their own the rest
N ecessary and ultimately
S uccumb to it.

A llow your
T houghts and
T ime to
I ntegrate
T hrough the
U niversal
D ivine
E nergy to evolve further

Peace is not won by those who fiercely guard their differences but by those who with open minds and hearts seek out connections.

APRIL 21- Confusion

Confusion is

C reated
O ften because you are
N ot willing to
F use with the
U niversal
S pirit which
I n any situation
O ffers
N ice clarity.

A dmit first
T o being confused
T hen
I nitiate
T he indispensable
U nifying process with
D ivine
E nergy to expel confusion.

APRIL 20- Conformity


C owardly
O perations and
N ervous
F allibility
O ffers least
R esistance and
M akes a mockery of
I ndividual freedom and
T amely and thoughtlessly
Y ields the self

A lways
T ry to
T une into your
I ndividual right to
T hink
U nderstand and
D o as you wish
E vading all pressures of conformity

APRIL 19- Confidence


C ourageously
O perating with
N ice
F aith
I n one’s capacity to
D o
E verything and anything
N icely and
C leverly with
E xcellence

A ll
T he
T alents are
I gnited only
T hrough
U ninhibited
D aring
E mbellishment of self confidence

APRIL 18-Confession


C onsciously
O perating and
N aturally
F rankly
E xploring the
S oul in
S ilence
I nevitably
O ffers
N ice routes to rectify the mistakes.

A s often as possible
T alk
T o the
I nner self and then
T ake
U -turn to
D eliver
E volved and emancipated exchanges

APRIL 17-Computers


C learly ahead
O f all the
M achines invented so for in terms of
P resence and penetration
U tility and user-friendliness and great in
T echnological
E volution and most
R evolutionizing and resourceful of all
S cientific discoveries.

A ccept and adopt
T o
T echnological advancements that are
I mportant and
T ruly
U seful for all further
D evelopments of science and
E volution of humankind.

APRIL 16- Compromise

Compromise positively is made to

C reate
O pportunity for
M eaningful
P ositive
R eview
O ften
M eant to
I nstill
S ober surge and
E mancipation of everyone

Compromise negatively takes place when

C owardly and covert
O perations
M eekly submit to
P ower
R eplacing
O ur
M ental strength
I ntegrity and
S ense of duty with
E nfeebling opportunism

A ppropriately
T ake people and
T hings as they are
I nstead of
T rying to converting them to suit
U lterior motives with
D emeaning compromises and
E nfeebling enterprises.

APRIL 15- Competition



C learly an
O pportunity to out wit others and
M arvelously
P erform and
E xcel above
T he rest and
I nspire
T otally
I mprovement of all
O perations to
N ew challenges and trends.

A head of the rest
T ry your best to
T ake your
I mprovement
T hen
U ltimately
D elivery of
E xcellence is ensured

APRIL 14-Compassion


C aring
O mni pleasant
M entality
P resent in
A ll
S ensible
S ouls
I mportantly
O perating for welfare of
M ankind.

A lways
T ry to
T reat all
I ndividuals with
T rue
U nprejudiced
D ear
E motions

APRIL 13-Communication


C reation
O f
M ind to
M ind and heart to heart
U nderstanding for
N egotiating
I mparting information
C larifying the inherent differences and our positions
A rousing the dormant emotions
T ickling the thought process
I nitiating dialogues
O ffering experiences and ideologies all these
N icely encapsulated and exchanged.

A llowing all
T o talk
T heir mind and heart out
I mproves
T he overall
U nderstanding and
D evelops
E ngagement and exchange of experiences and ideas.

APRIL 12- Commitment


C onsciously
O perating
M indfully and
M eaningfully with
I ntense totality and
T otal intensity and
M aking sure to
E xecute
N eatly the
T asks

A pply yourself
T o any
T ask with
I nvolvement, interest and
T act with
U nwavering
D edication and
E nthusiasm

When we sincerely and seriously practice getting somewhere with alertness and focused attention committing our self with total intensity and intense totality we are there already

APRIL 11- Comfort


C ozy and easy
O pulent life styles
M ar active enthusiasm and
F orms
O besity and
R etards certain
T asks

A ny thing or
T ask that is
T ough
I n nature
T ypically
U proots from your
D alliance in
E ase

APRIL 10- Coincidence


C learly
O ften
I t is a
N ice
C ommunication and
I ndication that
D ivine
E nterprise is
N onchalantly and
C ontinuously
E ngaged in its activities.

A dmire,
T reat and
T aste
I nstances of
T hose
U nplanned happenings and
D enouement of
E vents erupting simultaneously

APRIL 9 -Coffee


C learly
O ffers
F abulous
F ragrance
E nticing
E very taste bud

A ccept
T hat certain
T hings have
I n them
T empting power and
U nnoticeable
D epth of
E xcellence which can hook you easily.

APRIL 8- Circumstances


C learly every
I ndividual is
R equired to take
C harge of any
U sual or unusual
M oment and/or
S ituation and
T ake responsibility instead of
A voiding or
N icely
C reating
E xcuses or
S earching for scapegoats

A ll
T ricky
T angles are
I n fact
T rails to
U nravel the
D epth of your
E nterprise and energy

APRIL 7- Choice


C reator
H as
O bviously many things
I n place for you to
C hoose, so choose the best and
E mancipate

A ll
T hings may
T ry to
I nvite
T he attention but it is
U ser’s privilege to
D ecide and
E lect what he/she wants.

A ny
T ype of
T hing or
I ndividual evolve
T hrough
U niversal law of
D ecisions to select and
E lect among a whole range of choices

APRIL 6-Children

Children are to be

C ajoled
H elped
I nspired
L oved
D early, and
R eally to be
E ncouraged to
N icely to develop as good souls.

A lmighty has gifted
T iny tots as
T he most
I mportant
T ools to make you
U nleash love and
D evotion with
E motional bonds

Nothing you do for children is ever wasted
It is a great illusion that children should be set goals by elders.
Do not fetter and frustrate children with your goals. do not confine them to your learning.
You just expose them to all good things and create opportunities and awareness but allow their inward flowering to bloom.

Everything you do to the child counts, every event that a child is exposed to matters. So be very careful and consciously aware of what you do when children are around

APRIL 5-Cheating


C unning
H idden
E mployment of
A bhorrent
T echniques
I nstituted to
N astily
G ain over another.

A ny
T actics
T houghts
I nvolving
T he operation of
U ndesirable
D eeds is to be
E vaded

APRIL 4-Chastity


C learly
H aving only
A uthorized
S ex though that may not be always
T hat easy but
I ndispensable and good
T o a civilized world and
Y our own health and happiness

A berrations
T emptations have been
T aking place
I nstinctively
T ime immemorial because of
U niversal weaknesses have not yet been
D one away through the correct
E nlightened education.



C ynosure
H ighly effective
A t once appealing and
R eally
M agnetic in effect

A dmire
T hose
T hings and
I ndividuals
T hat appeal to you
U nforced and
D eeply affect your
E motions and feelings.

APRIL 2- Charity


C learly
H ighest
A mong the
R eally
I mportant
T raits to
Y earn for.

A nyone who
T ries
T o help another
I n need
T ruly
U ndoubtedly and
D efinitely
E mancipates

APRIL 1- Character


C rucial
H inge that opens the door to
A ttract
R espect
A s well as
C urse and
T hat depending on
E very individual’s
R espective attitude and behavior

A t all
T imes
T he true
I nner self
T ries to
U ncover
D efinitely
E veryone’s true colors

MARCH 31- Change


C ertainly
H appens
A ll things
N icely as per
G od’s
E nvisaged plan

A lways
T ry to
T olerate the
I nevitable and
T ake up the
U navoidable
D evelopments that are
E ver happening whether you wish or not

Change is the inevitable law of life. Life, growth, development, progress are all the result of mutations and metamorphosis.
How unpleasant it would be if all the 24 hours in a day the climate and light were unchanged.
How unpleasant it would be if you remain in a specific posture without change.
Change is in other words the manifestation of the constant evolutionary transition that takes place.

Change challenges our paradigms. It tests our flexibility, our adaptability and can improve the way we think. Change may make life difficult for awhile, it may cause stress but it will strengthen us and help us find ways to improve ourselves. Change will be there forever, we must be susceptible to it, and accept it where necessary.
Neurotic perceive it as threat because they fear things may get worse.
Optimists perceive it as encouraging because it instigates hope that things may get better. The talented and skilled perceive it as inspiring because it gives them an opportunity to make things better with their contribution in it.
There are three kinds of people: those who make things happen, those who let things happen, and those who wonder: what has just happened. Those who make things happen are masters of change while the other two are it's victims." - Ellen Mogensen

MARCH 30- Challenge


C reator’s
H idden
A genda to make us
L ive our
L ife and bring out the
E motional balances
N iceties
G reatness and
E nlightenment

A nything
T hat
T ests us
I nevitably
T eaches
U s as well to
D o away with all our
E nfeebling emotions

MARCH 29- Challenge


C reator’s
H idden
A genda to make us
L ive our
L ife and bring out the
E motional balances
N iceties
G reatness and
E nlightenment

A nything
T hat
T ests us
I nevitably
T eaches
U s as well to
D o away with all our
E nfeebling emotions

MARCH 28-Caution


C areful
A ction is
U sually
T he
I ndispensable way
O f
N egating accidents

A dvisable it is to
T ake the
T ime tested
I mportant
T ruth and
U ndoubtedly
D early held
E ssential caution in all operations.

MARCH 27- Cause


C learly
A ll
U niversal
S equels are as per
E tiology

A ll
T hings are
T riggered by the
I nevitable
T rue
U nderlying
D efinite rules of
E tiology

All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire.-Aristotle BC 384-322, Greek Philosopher

MARCH 26-Caring


C onsciously
A ctively
R ealizing the
I nevitable
N eed of
G oodness

A lways
T ry
T o be
I n tune with
T he
U niversally
D ear
E motion of caring

A kind
T alk, a simple
T ouch, an
I nstantaneous
U seful help, a
D ear
E ngagement all these do great wonders.

MARCH 25 -Capitalism


C arrying
A ll
P ossible
I ncome
T hrough
A ll
L iberal
S ources to
M ake more money

A lways
T ake any
T ype of
I nvestment
T o
U plift
D evelopments of
E conomy

MARCH 24 -Calmness


is nothing but a

C onscious
A wareness, a
L ovely
M usic of the mind that
N eatly
E nters the
S piritual realm in
S eamless silent splendor

A lways
T ry
T o
I nculcate
T he
U niversally acclaimed
D ivine calmness in
E very situation

MARCH 23-Calamity


C reator’s
A cid test of
L ife
A nd it is
M eant to
I nspire you to
T urn to
Y our true self

A ll
T he
T hings
I n
T his
U niverse including calamities are
D ivinely
E xplainable.

MARCH 22-Buying


B estowing
U nsatisfied
Y earnings
I n principle the much
N eeded
G ratification

A nything, once
T aken for a consideration
T o be
I n one of
T he
U mpteen places
D eemed as yours, then do not
E valuate anything else.

A t
T imes
T he
I nevitable
T actics is to
U nderstand
D arlings’
E verlasting desire to shop.

MARCH 21-Business


B iggest
U biquitous activity and
S ocially
I ndispensable
N ice
E nterprise whose benefits are always
S avored but
S ilently envied by non performers.

A ll
T rue
T hrusts to economic development from
I ndividual to international
T ake place
U ndoubtedly only by
D evelopment of
E nlightened business endeavours.

MARCH 20-Burden


is nothing

B ut the
U nbearable
R eminders of peace
D estroying
E vents and their
N agging negative impact

A lways
T ry to
T ake the
I nitiative to
T ackle
U nperturbed any
D evelopment without
E motional attachment
Then there won’t be even an iota of a burden

MARCH 19-Budgets


B est to
U nravel in
D etail all
G overnable
E xpenses
T o
S ensibly plan

A ctivities
T aken with
T ime bound financial
I mplications need
T o be planned and then
U ndertaken with
D etailed mapping of
E xpected expenses

MARCH 18-Brilliance


B eing
R eally
I ntelligent
L ucid in
L ateral thinking and
I nstinctively
A dapting to the
N ever ending
C hanges in
E volution

Brilliance consists in

A djusting
T o
T he
I nevitable
T ides of time and
U nderstanding to
D evelop with
E ver willing spirit to listen and learn

MARCH 17-Brevity


B riefly
R ender
E motions,
V aluable
I deas and
T houghts to attract and
Y oke others’ attention better

A ll
T houghts rendered as
T iny
I nscriptions
T urn
U seful and get
D eeply
E nmeshed

MARCH 16-Brain


B est
R esource
A vailable
I nfinitely to
N icely perform any task

A ll
T houghts
T alents
I nstincts are
T ruly better
U nderstood only in the
D epths of
E ver active brains.

MARCH 15-Boys


B est
O f
Y outhful
S trength and sensitivity

Boys you need to just

A ccept without advising or admonishing
T olerate without tormenting or terrifying
T ry to
I nspire the
T hought process with
U seful examples
D evelop inherent talents
E ncourage the energetic enthusiasm

MARCH 14-Boss


If you want to be a good boss

B e
O pen
S erious and
S incere in what you want to get done.

If you want to be a better boss the

B est
O ption is to
S et an example by
S tarting to do what you want others to do.

If you want to be the best boss

B e the motivating factor
O ffer opportunities
S ail together sure about the shore to reach
S eek and see success

Bad bosses

B ore
O thers by
S enseless
S uppression

Worse bosses are

B ig egoists
O bsessed with
S uperiority complex
S yndrome

Worst bosses

B elittle
O thers contribution and
S upport sycophancy and
S elfishly take credit for everything.

A boss must ensure

A team’s combination of
T alents and techniques
T actics and toils
I ntentions and intelligent operations are
T aken together and
U sed for
D elivering what is required then what will
E merge will be only success.

A boss must not be a

T errorizing
T orturing
I nterfering
T ermite
U selessly
D ownloading his
E goistic outbursts



We need to borrow when

B eyond
O ur
R esources our
R equirements we
O perate
W idely and wildly

B est
O perations
R esort to and
R equire
O thers’
W ealth

A t
T imes
T ruly, it is
I nevitable
T hing to
U se
D ebts and
E ven loans

A ccumulate not
T houghtlessly;
T ake not
I ndiscriminately;
T ry not to
U se continuously
D ebts and
E ver enlarging loans

MARCH -12,Boredom


B ereft
O f
R eal
E motions or
D iligence and
O perating
M eaninglessly

When you know someone to be a bore it is

B est to
O ffer him
R emote
E ngagements

A void
T rivial
T iresome
I rrelevant bores or
T hey
U selessly
D rain your
E nergies too.



B est
O ption, and
O ffer, to
K nit
S ense and souls in silence.

A dmirable
T ool that
T alks
I nspires
T ries to
U nite
E verything heart, mind and soul.

The best, the least troublesome and the most useful relationship available to every human being are books and soem of them are also the silent GURUS to seekers.



B est
O ption is to
L ead
D aringly

A t all
T imes
T ry to get
I nspired
T hink and
U se boldness and
D are to
E volve in life



B uilding of flesh and blood
O perated with
D ivine energy from
Y onder

B est
O f the
D ivine gifts to
Y our life





A lways
T end to and
T ake care of the body
I ncessantly
T o
U se
D evelop and
E nergize your life

Science has studied in detail very well all the parts of the human body and can further do so through research in the unexplored areas of study and through new approaches. But, the study of science will be complete only when it realizes that all the organs of the body its bones, veins, nerves, blood, hormones, all other fluids, enzymes etc all function only because of the divine life force.



B est
L ive
O perator and
O xygen
D eliverer