Saturday, January 1, 2011

JAN 20 -Alcohol


L usty
C hemical combination
O perating
H avoc
O n you
L onger than you think

A ddictive
L iquid
C hemical
O perating
H avoc with
O ver reaching
L ousy Side effects

L ovely
C hemical
O ffering
H eavenly
O vertures
L urkingly

A ddictions
T rouble
T houghts
I njure
T hose
U nfortunate
D enizens in the
E nvironment

A ny matter or
T hing
T aken
I n
T olerable
U seful
D oses is
E thical

A ddictive
T houghtless
T emptation of
I nebriety
T urns into
U ncontrollable
D evilish
E motional attachment to alcohol.

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