Saturday, January 1, 2011

JAN 26-Advertisement


A bly
D elightfully
V ehemently
E motionally
R epeatedly
T argeting.
I ncessantly,
S urtly
I nstigating and
N icely
G oading

A ll
D elightful
V ehement
E xercises
R endered
T o
I nstigate
S enses
I ntellect
E motions
M anaging to
E ncapsulate
N iggling
T emptations

A ppreciate
T he
T empting
I nstigating
T alents
U nleashed to
D evelop
E nterprises

Advertisements must be

A ppropriate
T hought-provoking
T empting
I ntrinsically valuable
T rue
U seful
D etailed
E thical

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