Saturday, January 1, 2011

FEB 1-Adjust


A dapt
D early
J ustifiably
U sefully
S atisfactorily with
T olerance

A lways
D early
J ustly
U nopposingly
S ilently
T ake in or give in

A ll
T ypes of
T imely
I nstantaneous
T olerance
U nravels
D eep rooted dear
E motions

A ttitude of
T rue
T olerance
I n
T imes of trouble is
U niversal
D eclaration of
E nlightenment

A djusting to
T wists and
T urns
I ncessantly,
T olerantly,
U nwaveringly with
D eep
E motions

A ctively
T irelessly
T alk to
I nnerself to
T ruly
U nderstand in
D epth the
E motions of everyone

One thing that you must firmly and constantly ensure is to accommodate and to adjust to changes

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