Saturday, January 1, 2011

JAN 23-Affirmation


A ny
F irm
F ine
I nsistence
R epeatedly
M agnified
A round
T hrough talk
I ntended to
O perate as
N eat confirmation

A lways
F irmly
F igure out and
I ncessantly
R epeatedly
M umble
A t any cost
T o your subconsciouness
I nspiring to
O perate as constant
N eighbor goading to succeed

T ime tested
T hought provoking
I nspiring
T ool
U seful for [positive]
D evelopment and
E mancipation

A Firm
T ry
T hat
I nstigates
T he
U niversal soul to
D o
E verything

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