Saturday, January 1, 2011

JAN 24-Affection


A ll
F ine
F eelings,
E motions of
C aring and
T ender
I nteractions
O n
N ear and dear ones .

A ny
F ond
F eeling and
E motional
C loseness
T endering
I nhibition less
O vertures
N eatly

F antastic
F eeling
E voking
C reative
T hinking
I nspiring
O ur
N ew- found skills.

A ffection
T owards
T hy
I nner
T rue
U niversal
D ivine
E nergy helps to evolve.

A ny
T ough
T hing or
I ndividual can be
T ackled with
U niversally
D emonstrated
E motionalism

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