Thursday, May 26, 2011

MARCH 14-Boss


If you want to be a good boss

B e
O pen
S erious and
S incere in what you want to get done.

If you want to be a better boss the

B est
O ption is to
S et an example by
S tarting to do what you want others to do.

If you want to be the best boss

B e the motivating factor
O ffer opportunities
S ail together sure about the shore to reach
S eek and see success

Bad bosses

B ore
O thers by
S enseless
S uppression

Worse bosses are

B ig egoists
O bsessed with
S uperiority complex
S yndrome

Worst bosses

B elittle
O thers contribution and
S upport sycophancy and
S elfishly take credit for everything.

A boss must ensure

A team’s combination of
T alents and techniques
T actics and toils
I ntentions and intelligent operations are
T aken together and
U sed for
D elivering what is required then what will
E merge will be only success.

A boss must not be a

T errorizing
T orturing
I nterfering
T ermite
U selessly
D ownloading his
E goistic outbursts

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