Thursday, May 26, 2011

APRIL 16- Compromise

Compromise positively is made to

C reate
O pportunity for
M eaningful
P ositive
R eview
O ften
M eant to
I nstill
S ober surge and
E mancipation of everyone

Compromise negatively takes place when

C owardly and covert
O perations
M eekly submit to
P ower
R eplacing
O ur
M ental strength
I ntegrity and
S ense of duty with
E nfeebling opportunism

A ppropriately
T ake people and
T hings as they are
I nstead of
T rying to converting them to suit
U lterior motives with
D emeaning compromises and
E nfeebling enterprises.

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