Thursday, May 26, 2011

APRIL 6-Children

Children are to be

C ajoled
H elped
I nspired
L oved
D early, and
R eally to be
E ncouraged to
N icely to develop as good souls.

A lmighty has gifted
T iny tots as
T he most
I mportant
T ools to make you
U nleash love and
D evotion with
E motional bonds

Nothing you do for children is ever wasted
It is a great illusion that children should be set goals by elders.
Do not fetter and frustrate children with your goals. do not confine them to your learning.
You just expose them to all good things and create opportunities and awareness but allow their inward flowering to bloom.

Everything you do to the child counts, every event that a child is exposed to matters. So be very careful and consciously aware of what you do when children are around

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