Sunday, December 19, 2010



R eciprocating

E motional

L ove

A dmiration and

T olerantly

I nteract with

O ne another

N eatly and

S ensibly to

H elp each

I ndividual’s

P rogress

The world of Relationship will be always cool as long as it is sand-witched between the poles of sincere, serious, spontaneous, unqualified sharing with love and consistent, careful and unconditional caring with love.

R eal

E nlightened

L ove

A llowing

T ogetherness

I nspiring

O ur

N exus to

S trengthen

H ealthily and

I n

P erfect

S haring.

R eveal

E motions of

L ateral

A djustments

T olerance

I nnately

O ffering

N ice,

S incere and

H umble

I nteractions

P enetrating the

S oul

Relationship is too sacred to be confined to the arc of mating radar and lust lorry.

SECRET OF HAPPY RELATIOSHIP LIES in keeping liveliness and calmness in the mind ,love and compassion in the heart, kindness in words and thoughts, sense of humor in your interactions, adjustment in your approaches, generosity in your dealings, responsibility in yourself and not expecting anything from others.





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