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H ope of happiness, the
A ll
P owerful
P erformer, revisits
Y ou in its

N ice
E ver hopeful
W ish and
Y earning to
E volve
A bove the present status with
R esolutions

A mid
T he din and drowsiness dawns
T he
I nevitable
T ime, as another day, and continues
U nperturbed by all chronological
D ivisions of
E xit and entry points.

A ll of us
T ry to or
T empted to
I dentify shifting priorities or shift our priorities
T hrough meaningful or meaningless resolutions
U naware that
D estiny has drawn its own
E volutionary graph.

A lbeit
T hat
T ry to work and use, with
I ntense totality and
T otal intensity, your free will
U nraveling the fact that fate and freewill are
D efinitely the horizontal and vertical steps that
E nsure to strengthen the staircase to emancipation and coexistence.

Like this I am presenting brief acronyms of certain important terms for each day of the year. They bring out the denotations and connotations of the terms and also the attitude we adopt/are adopting/need to adopt towards what the term refers. These acronyms can be used as SMS messages for each day of the year. Some cases a link is given for further reading or more elaboration and discussion on what the term refers to.


With the dawn of the NEW YEAR,
New year’s resolutions abound around,
A round us blossom beliefs for the best,
B est ways of care and creation,
C reation of dazzling , delightful dreams,
D reams of emancipation, endearment and evolution,
E volution of friendly and fantastic feelings,
F eelings of generosity, greatness and goodness;
G oodness of human and humane hospitality,
H ospitality, without inhibition, of inner invitation,
I nvitation to join in jubilation and joy,
J oy of kindled kindness,
K indness born out of long, lurking love of life,
L ife of making mutually munificent moral marvels,
M arvels of nice nature and natural nicety,
N icety of overflowing openness offering opportunities,
O pportunities to purify, and preen up profound Perception,
P erception of rights and life’s vital questions,
Q uestions of right requirements,
R equirements of social, spiritual and sober solutions,
S olutions leading to tolerance and tranquility,
T ranquility of ubiquitous, universal urge for unity,
U nity of various and varied values and visions,
V isions of worthy wisdom,
W isdom that x-axially expands and x-rays,
x- rays into the depths of perception throughout the year,
Y ear full of zenithal zooming
Z ooming into another ambitious year on top gear

Every day is a good day.
Your every-day mind - that is the Way! - Unmon, Japan

I asked a child, walking with a candle,
"From where comes that light?"
Instantly he blew it out.
"Tell me where it is gone --
then I will tell you where it came from." - Hasan of Basra

Always remember whether you like it or not years get added to our life automatically but we need to scrupulously add life to years.

Putting aside the meaningless chronological fencing of past year and the New Year.

Let us create the habit of breathing newness into life. It involves learning, doing and seeing something new everyday and also seeing everything we do and everyone we encounter with new eyes, new insights and a new perspective and doing everything with renewed vigor, revised perspective and reworked vision shedding the preconditioned images, ideas and prejudices about the thing or the person. Destiny might have pinned us in the past or may pin us to a place/program but a new way of looking at things and persons will make our life better.

New Year

N othing is new

E xcept our dissection of time

W orked up to define chronology

Y oicks![1] yet another

E xcuse for entertainment

A nd another attempt at the herdish

R itual of resolutions .

1] YOICKS-expression of surprise or excitement

N evertheless when

E veryone is celebrating

W e cannot be sermonizing as a kill joy.

Y es, it is time to

E njoy and entertain

A ll out and

R elate to the world through collective recreation because

N othing should deprive life of its

E njoyments ,even our confining it as a calendared event.

W isdom requires life to be lived be it divided as

Y ears or yugas as,

E xistence of life with all its functions, fallacies, and fallibilities

A lways was there even before we

R eferred to it through different chronological divisions.

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