Friday, June 10, 2011

JUNE 9-Ego

Ego in its various manifestations

E dging
G od
O ut

A m I
T he only
T otally
I ndependent
T rue
L ife force
D riven
E xclusive of everyone and everything else.

E nlightenment
G oes
O ut

A m I
T he
Te rrible
I ndividual
T o
U nashamedly leave the
D ivine
E nterprise

E xchanges
G enial
O perations

E xcellent
G rowth
O ffered when opposing perspectives and our potential meet with super Ego

A ll
T rue potential
T ravels
I nwards
T hen
U nto
D ivine
E nergy as ego merges with super ego.

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